Gauge Voting & Bribes


$veEQUAL holders will place their votes once a week on the selection of LP pairings they would like emissions to be distributed to. The pool that you vote at the percentage of your vote will receive 100% of the fees that pool generates. All trading fees accrue in the epoch following the vote snapshot.

Once your vote has been placed, the same rolling vote will carry until the voter changes their vote. Note: To earn bribes from any pool in the epoch, you must re-cast your vote each epoch.


Bribes are in addition to fees and will be claimable 24-48 hours after the snapshot which occurs at Wednesday 23:59 UTC, the end of each epoch. Any rewards not collected will accrue to future epochs.

Rewards Explained

There is 3 types of rewards on offer from the Equalizer protocol:


The emissions are reserved for LP providers and are distributed over each epoch based on $veEQUAL votes before the start of the new epoch. The rewards will stream over the epoch available for claiming as they accrue.


Fees are generated each time a trade is completed on the exchange. These fees are then streamed back to the gauge voters in their proportionate share of the vote. You can claim these rewards as they accrue for your selected pair/s.


Lastly bribes are an additional opportunity for anyone holding $veEQUAL. Bribes are potentially allocated to a gauge to incentivize voters to vote for that pair.

The bribes accrue and are only available for claim after the Wednesday 23:59 UTC snapshot is taken. They are proportionate to your voting power cast to the relevant gauge.

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